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by Arif Elsawi

The Facts Forum is a bi-monthly forum to discuss the most influential and complex current issues. In this forum, we ask difficult questions to experts in every field and lead an in-depth dialogue on the issue under discussion.

We seek to be a serious platform that adheres to high professional standards to discuss what is happening in the internal, regional and international arena. We also seek to be a platform for introducing national and local issues in their objective contexts. The forum depends on the efforts of the Facts Center for Journalism Fellowship team in researching and collecting information and data related to the topic of the forum, and then the team works to extract strategic questions on the topic.

As part of the forum’s preparation phase, the working team identifies experts, officials and partners related to the topic and invites a number of them to participate and talk with journalists and members of the fellowship team. strategic goals:

Providing knowledge and information on complex topics is within our general research from sources close to the event. Giving fellow journalists and researchers an opportunity to develop interviewing skills with experts and sources. First Sudan Facts Forum: 12/2/2021 What should we know about the crisis in eastern Sudan? Eastern Sudan, specifically the Red Sea State, has been experiencing a political crisis for nearly a month. It quickly developed into a national crisis. It cast a shadow on the national economy and security and affected regional trade relations, and its impact may remain for quite some time. In this forum, we are trying to understand some of the outstanding questions and open a serious discussion about them from the standpoint of defining their roots, reasons, and results.

The first session was about the political role in the national crisis in eastern Sudan. The session was moderated by Mr. Arif Al-Sawy. Ms. Abla Karar, a lawyer and political activist from eastern Sudan, spoke. The second session, which was about how the economy responded to the national crisis in eastern Sudan, was moderated by Mr. Khaled Muhammad Ali, and Mr. Anwar Hashem, Director of the MSC Maritime Transport Company, and Mr. Amjad Abu Samra, Director of the Logistics Company in Port Sudan, spoke in it.

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