Workshop 2

by Arif Elsawi
In a public workshop from October 6 to October 9 at the Heritage House Hall – Khartoum 2, where I discussed A definition of what data journalism is. In another session, I discussed how to conduct effective research online for an investigative story, what tools should be used, and how to organize your discovery. A dialogue session on education in Sudan, based on the facts: where are we? Where are we headed? Food insecurity in Sudan. Sudan faces a significant state of food insecurity, with 34 percent of the population currently suffering from food insecurity according to the World Food Programme, and this number may rise to 18 million people (39 percent of the population) by the third quarter of 2022 (How to reach to here? What can we do about it? The conclusion was with a practical exercise to discover what is going on in the city

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