How I survived in Sudan: ‘We had one lightbulb. For two terrifying months, we gathered round it as battle raged’


When war broke out in April between two branches of Sudan’s armed forces, millions were trapped in the capital, Khartoum. In this vivid account, one woman tells of the ordeal

Two months of extremes – anger and sorrow. We survived the noise of artillery, and woke to the sound of MiG, Antonov and Sukhoi planes. We learned how to differentiate between the sounds of the various types of artillery rockets and bet on which direction anti-aircraft missiles would come from.

But we were terrified most of all by the sound of locks being broken on our neighbours’ houses. Hearing that took away our dignity and left us feeling hopeless. We whispered, scared inside our houses that they might discover we were there, and we wept.

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